Pay Per Click (PPC) Ads For Therapists

Pay Per Click (PPC) Ads For Therapists

Whether you offer counselling, psychotherapy or any other kinds of health and wellness services, it is essential to follow marketing strategies to promote your business. If you want to survive in this fast-paced world, you must opt for online strategies based on the latest technologies and marketing tools. One of the fastest ways to get noticed with any therapy is by using PPC or ‘Pay Per Click’ where you need to pay a small fee to your search engine and in exchange, the search engine will send the visitors to your site every time the advertisement from your site is clicked. Hence, it’s wise to hire a reputable firm or PPC marketer to manage your internet advertising campaigns. Done right, this can be one of the most lucrative ways to generate new business.


Search engines are where we all go to find information and to look for service providers.

When we use the Internet, everyone uses a search engine  – 93% of all Internet actions start at a search engine. The paid adverts show along the very top of the page. These adverts are clicked on more than other types of online advertisements. It clearly indicates that people are not irritated with the advertisements if they find the services and products are fit their requirements. By opting for a PPC ad campaign, you can ensure that relevant searchers who can be turned into your potential customers will directly see the advertisement of your therapy service. Google (as one primary example) has developed a high quality formula that can ensure that your PPC ads will fit the requirements of the searches.



Website Design Tips For Therapy Websites

Website Design Tips For Therapy Websites

When a visitor views your website their eyes flow in an “F” pattern.  When designing your website or even just creating a blog post thinking about how the eye naturally travels means you can put the most interesting content where the users eye naturally travels.  Its a brilliant strategy and its based on eye tracking tests conducted by the experts at Neilsen Norman Group Through the layouts and designs of the website, you can play to this behaviour and at an unconscious level you will be appealing to potential clients as they will find themselves focusing more on what you want them to.ipad-632512_1920

Have you employed this user focused web design strategy yet? If not then you can consult an expert designer or consultant to get the very best results for your therapy site.  These tips are simple but are recommended by the experts and you can see great results.  (more…)

Facebook marketing tips for therapists

Facebook marketing tips for therapists

For any serious therapist (counsellors, Hypnotherapists, Psychotherapists, NLP Consultants) then you must be aware of the leading social media platform Facebook. As a corporate tool, Facebook is unceasingly dominating the most used social media sites and is a leading force in any serious content marketing strategy. You can use Facebook now for the promotion of your private practice, marketing your business activity and getting or involving nsocial-network-76532_640ew clients. Therapists have been using social media especially Facebook, in-order to market their business, the challenge comes in doing that the right way. Because of its longevity, we appreciate you could be struggling to constantly come up with new content and fresh ideas for your company or brand’s Facebook page. Both practice and skill are required to market your therapist service on Facebook.

Getting started with Therapist Facebook Marketing

First thing’s first, if you have decided to create a profile for your practice, then this article is certainly for you, whether you have a business page or personal page, it is important to promote your page within your customer groups or network. Your fans can “Like” your Page, this then allows them to see updates from you in their News Feeds, and you can also share special offers etc.

We also recommend that you incorporate your therapy blog within it. The relevance of your blog posts and articles should not be underestimated. If you have time, then doing this yourself can be a wonderful and creative outlet. If you don’t have the time or the desire to write content you can hire a professional to that for you. When people follow you or read your business Facebook page, they start to get to know you professionally and start to see you as the expert you are. (more…)

Content strategy and content marketing

Content strategy and content marketing

CONTENT STRATEGY – Marketing, Planning & Promotion

Content Marketing For Therapists

Content is the fuel that feeds the internet, our websites are made from it, it is shared across social media sites and is what our potential clients seek to determine who is the best therapist that can help them. Content marketing is about creating and using content in ways to ensure that as many as possible clients learn about your private practice or therapy business. Often the biggest challenge is knowing what the best content is that you should be creating and then finding the time to create it.

Content Creation and Promotion

When you are in the early stages of creating your therapy business, you’ll likely have more time and that will present an ideal opportunity to create content. Content marketing is really nothing more than creating interesting content and then letting people know about it so they can consume it or share it.

Content comes in all shapes, sizes and types.  Take a look at this great graphic by econsultancy to see what we mean:


I know that’s a vast diagram and it might be a lot to take in but really, it just states that you can use lots of different types of content, do not just rely on the written word. Vides is a fast and very user friendly way of sharing information, the adage about an image being worth a thousand words, still holds true, and infographics have taken that to a whole new level. You can throw in webinars and podcasts, they may sound daunting but they are remarkably easy to apply once you’ve got the hang of them.

Content Marketing Consultancy

Whether you have your own content, are just starting out and need some direction on what, how and where to start with content creation or if you are a seasoned pro with lots of content that you think you really should be repurposing or promoting, one of our team would be happy to help. We can offer insight on marketing trends and also dig into content success stories that have been experienced by other therapists and private practices.

1:57 Content Marketing Explainer Video

Content Strategy, promotion or marketing, click here for help

A Start-Up Kit Therapy Online Marketing Strategy

A Start-Up Kit Therapy Online Marketing Strategy

In today’s world, starting a business is thrilling. We all have heard about the theory, “build it and they will come”, it doesn’t hold much weight and for those overnight success stories you hear about, there are always, in the background numerous years of intense work. Hence, in order to survive in the competition of therapeutic practice, it is crucial to go digital. While planning you cannot find any better option than marketing your services online. Opting for the online marketing for therapists route, you will definitely get many benefits to increasing your company and that comes with bare minimum costs. The truth is, you can find out a correct strategy for effective online marketing with trying different techniques. Certainly over the last 5 years, it is the best way to draw interested clients towards your practice. The biggest challenge for therapists when they get started using digital marketing is limited resources, whether or not it’s time, money or expertise.

Let’s take a look at a starting point list of tools specific to the online marketing of your therapeutic practice. (more…)