Audio Hypnosis is in demand, as clients want to take away hypnosis recordings to re-enforce sessions or to purchase as stand alone solutions. It takes time to create recordings so here are eight ready made professional Hypnosis audio tracks you are free to use and you can even sell them to clients!

healthcare marketing strategy» 8HypnosisTracks/Tracks/Amazing Learning.mp3

» 8HypnosisTracks/Tracks/Be confindent.mp3

» 8HypnosisTracks/Tracks/Be Relaxed.mp3

» 8HypnosisTracks/Tracks/Draw Wealth.mp3

» 8HypnosisTracks/Tracks/Get Love.mp3

» 8HypnosisTracks/Tracks/Make Your Dreams Come True.mp3

» 8HypnosisTracks/Tracks/Marketingfocus.mp3

» 8HypnosisTracks/Tracks/Quit Smoking.mp3

» 8HypnosisTracks/Tracks/Weight Loss.mp3

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