For any serious therapist (counsellors, Hypnotherapists, Psychotherapists, NLP Consultants) then you must be aware of the leading social media platform Facebook. As a corporate tool, Facebook is unceasingly dominating the most used social media sites and is a leading force in any serious content marketing strategy. You can use Facebook now for the promotion of your private practice, marketing your business activity and getting or involving nsocial-network-76532_640ew clients. Therapists have been using social media especially Facebook, in-order to market their business, the challenge comes in doing that the right way. Because of its longevity, we appreciate you could be struggling to constantly come up with new content and fresh ideas for your company or brand’s Facebook page. Both practice and skill are required to market your therapist service on Facebook.

Getting started with Therapist Facebook Marketing

First thing’s first, if you have decided to create a profile for your practice, then this article is certainly for you, whether you have a business page or personal page, it is important to promote your page within your customer groups or network. Your fans can “Like” your Page, this then allows them to see updates from you in their News Feeds, and you can also share special offers etc.

We also recommend that you incorporate your therapy blog within it. The relevance of your blog posts and articles should not be underestimated. If you have time, then doing this yourself can be a wonderful and creative outlet. If you don’t have the time or the desire to write content you can hire a professional to that for you. When people follow you or read your business Facebook page, they start to get to know you professionally and start to see you as the expert you are.

Professional identity of a therapist (you) can generally be created through the Facebook page over a relatively short space of time. It can be considered as an easy method to accrue new clients for the business and it also helps with client retention too. Therapy marketing with Facebook is not difficult to achieve. You can see the benefits from business use of Facebook quite quickly.

Understand your therapy clients (use Facebook Marketing)

Knowing your audience is the ultimate therapy marketing tip, when it comes to measuring your audience on Facebook, there is more to it than just fans. Fans can be bought and lured to like your page with offers and promotions. To get the right audience to your page, information must be collected about the real interests and needs of your target clients. You can also learn a lot about their wants, likes and needs by reviewing the people that took action on your page or engaged with your content. Growing the number of local users each month is important to ensuring that your audience is engaged with your brand as it grows.

As a therapist you will have your own tone of Voice – be true to how you want to communicate. We recommend adopting a genuine and authentic nature. It will shine through in your content and make potential clients feel more at ease with often sensitive subjects that they may later disclose to your during your sessions.

Creating content can be time consuming but you probably already have content that you can repurpose. Content can be reposted or shared to others easily. In this way, the reach of the client can be increased without too much extra effort. In addition sharing other content (content curation) brings value to your followers and fans. Share only what is relevant as you are essentially giving this curated content your stamp of approval.

Content – Incorporate videos and images into your Facebook updates

Through images, lots of things can be said at once. This rule is very valid for social media platforms like Facebook post as well. Images receive 53% more likes on Facebook than the average post and 84% more clicks and shares. Ensure the image quality is high it has the most impact. Popularity on social media can be gained with videos as well. Therapy marketing is done easily with the images and videos. Anything that creates more engagement can only be of benefit to your business marketing for your private practice.

Facebook Insights offers a great deal of data allowing you to appraise what the best mix of image format, subject matter, accompanying text, accompanying links, and captions is for your audience. User engagement can be grown. Knowing what works best means you can keep applying good marketing tactics. You need to stand out from the other therapists so think about the audience, learn what they like and then give them ever more value.