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You have most likely heard the phrase if you’ve been looking at any sort of digital marketing that, “content is king”. It is the fuel that ignites all your marketing efforts both in the digital and real worlds. Without content there is no business, it is how we share our brand, our services and our approaches to therapy.

Content Marketing – Type of Content

Content can be created and curated, it’s fine to reference other information and research, as therapists we know that research is a wonderful tool and we can still make use and reference that in our online musings. Content can take many forms, the written word, [supreme kwid=378 kw=”therapy blogs” url=”” cpfl=false], videos, images, infograhics and ebooks to name a few.

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Fall In Love With Content Marketing


Content Marketing

Content marketing starts with creating or curating content that is worth sharing and that will excited, educate or promote an action from it’s intended audience. Content marketing is all about giving, where when we usually market, it’s about asking. Sometimes called pull or inbound marketing, content is about generating real value for your audience.

If therapists can develop an effective strategy for creating content based on genuine understanding of their clients, their needs and questions, then you will increase your client base and your website will become a lead generation machine working for you.


Content Strategy

A digital content strategy comes from entering the ideas phase and getting into a planning phase. What content will you create, what form will that content be in, can you create it or do you need creative help, what would the schedule for that content be, have you created a content calendar?

The right kind of research will provide clear insights into the pain points and questions that your potential client base will have and like most of us, they turn to search engines to source initial advice. These questions are instant market research and creating compelling content to answer those questions should be at the heart of your content strategy. An audience first approach = new clients.

Content Promotion

Content promotion is the third and most critical part of the content marketing formula, you can have the most amazing content in the world, insightful, creative and hugely beneficial to your would be clients but if no-one knows it exists then you may as well never have started the process.

Content promotion can happen directly via your website through your blog, on content sharing sites (slideshare, articles sites, guest blogs), via email (email marketing / newsletters), on social media (YouTube, Instagram, Facebook etc) or though digital press releases. There are many more routes to share your content and some ways are better than others, a lot depends on the type of content you are sharing.


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