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PPC (Pay Per Click) Marketing

PPC for Marketing and healthcare


PPC or pay per click sounds often more complex than it is, but it really is self explanatory. It is a form of paid advertising that provides your practice a short cut to the top of the search results. You only pay the advertising costs when a potential client actually clicks on your advert to view more.

The cost per click (CPC) is the price you agree to pay for holding a higher position within the search results. You essentially decide how much you would like to bid to encourage visitors to click on your advert in the search engine results page, then, exactly like an auction, the highest bidder are awarded the positions along the top and bottom of each search engine page.

PPC Marketing Therapists

The Solution – PPC is a quick fix


If you have assigned a budget then paid search can really be a great way of getting your therapy business instant visibility. A ppc campaign and adverts can be created in a few hours and when you go live, then you adverts will begin appearing. There is a real attraction for a new business to gather new clients by using online advertising in this way.

Why You Need A PPC Marketing Agency

Mainly it’s because PPC can be confusing for the new user, there are a lot of metrics you need to consider and paid media marketing, like using an [supreme kwid=596 kw=”seo expert” url=”” cpfl=false] it is all about ongoing tests and refinement. As good PPC agency will work with you to understand the goals of your advertising and they will also run things like multiple adverts, test new web copy and be focused on continuous improvements for you.

Once your Adwords campaign is created, then you need to manage it while it runs so you can get the best possible results and grow your practice with new clients coming through the door. PPC is flexible, it does not have to be run all the time, it can be tuned off and re-started as needed and is a great benefit to any new therapist needing some clients when done in the right way.

PPC Costs

PPC Marketing for your therapy needs to have a budget assigned and you need to do the research to know what keywords your clients are favouring to find practices and therapists like you.

Cost Per Click

Don’t have too low a budget or your advert won’t display enough to make the investment in paid media worth your time and you could see a reduced return on your investment

Paid Media Numbers

You need to be displayed enough for searches to see you and be able to click, then you need to factor in that only 2-20% will click. If the average value of your client is enough, then PPC for your business can work very well.

Compelling Ad Copy

Give your potential clients a reason to click your advert, consider free information and introductory specials to entice them from the search engines to your website

Pay Per Click Marketing – Instant Results*

As with all things digitally, you have a wealth of data that can be accessed and just like search engine optimisation, a good PPC marketing plan should start with the right keyword research. This allows you to tap directly into the thoughts, needs and actions of your clients when they are searching for therapists like you, online.

We work with clients and spend the vast part of the time at the beginning of managing the PPC advertising budget understanding what the real costs for effective online advertising would be.

Paid Media on sites like Google Awords or Bing Ads allow you to set budgets, when you reach the daily budget them your PPC advert stops being shown. This is perfect as it allows you to budget your PPC Ad spend effectively. What we always advise is to look at keyword demand and ensure you have enough budget to be seen throughout the right times of the day. If you are not visible enough you may not spend your budget – that means you won’t get enough clicks to convert into being clients.

The ROI of your PPC Marketing needs to be calculated. We typically use something like:

  • Cost Per Click (how much each clicked keyword actually costs you)
  • Cost Of Acquiring x1 new clients (number of clicks for visitor to convert into a client)
  • Lifetime value of client (how long a client stays with you on an average and what the overall value of that is to you)

That will then tell you how many clients you need to convert and what the budget assigned to paid marketing adverts should be in any given month.

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