Social Media Services Exclusively For Therapists

Social Media Services For Therapists

Social Media is vast, it dominates our time online and it now crosses over all age groups. It’s where we go to connect with family, friends and peers near and far. It’s also where a business using the full potential of the digital world goes to engage and find new clients.

Think about how we see people using social media, its an enhanced community, call it sharing, call it gossip but whatever you choose to call it, it is live and real communication. People now make and break relationships online, a Facebook status has sometimes been the first a jilted lover knows about a relationship ending. With so much of our leisure time spent in these virtual communities, we build strong bonds and share our stories and our needs openly.Social Media Private Practice Marketing


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Social Media Optimisation

In a similar way to Search Engine Optimisation, social media can also be optimised. Your content can be checked and maximised for keyword inclusions, you can hone down and target your ideal clients perfectly. You can create private groups to service or recruit clients through various social media platforms. The list and opportunities for how to use social media for marketing your business is long, almost endless.

Fortiba offers consultancy that covers how to get the most from your private practice medical marketing services and social media marketing. Working as a therapist you need to tread carefully with social media, be informative, offer insights but never engage with social media “trolls”. Your public face across social media sites needs to be as professional and conscientious as your therapy engagements.

That said, work well and follow some basic rules and social media can be a powerhouse of potential for therapists both new and experienced. Putting together a social media marketing strategy.

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Social Media – Word Of Mouth (Digitally)

Word of "Mouse"

A savvy therapist or private practice can literally tap directly into the communication and serve the needs of their potential clients by understanding the challenges being faced and the precise help being sought after. It is then a case of tailoring your communication and messaging to fit to that needs.

Social Marketing Therapy

You can run your own social media, we can show you how to maximise time and automate some of the processes. We can create all the social media branding and get you started with ensuring your social media accounts are fully optimised. Or we can manage the bulk of the work for you. Just ask, we’ll see how we can help you.

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