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Websites – Your Online Identity

The Challenge (website design)

Finding a good website that accurately expresses who you are as a therapy business, that connects with your brand and also attracts and engages clients. In a modern world, outdated websites and home made temporary fixes can undermine your authority before you ever have chance to meet a client.

The adage about making a good first impression now extends to your digital identity. A good website design is an absolutely essential asset in your marketing arsenal and making a bad choice or taking a short-cut can cause more harm than good. That’s why Fortiba has created two options to getting a great website that reflects you and that is personable, professional and current.

We also have our innovative TAP (Therapy Activation Program) that includes an affordable monthly payment option to have all your marketing done for you.

The Solution

If you are at a later stage in your private practice or have a therapy business that is already established and you need a new design or a design refresh, then you can talk to our design team and we will create a bespoke website to fit your budget. we’ll offer the very best in design and functionality recommendations. Tell us about the look and feel you are aiming for and our design team will create something to match your vision. we will include all you company branding or refresh the brand as required and also move over all your existing content.

Website design or re-design

If you are a new therapist or business is not quite at the level where a website investment is a must have (believe us, it is) then we can offer an innovative renting your site solution. We’ll work with you and offer a range of website styles, with professional look and feel. The site will be responsive and stylish. You can have it a simple few pages or more extensive depending on what you choose from our range of sites on offer. it will look and feel personal to you and we’ll incorporate any branding that you currently have. if you don’t yet have branding in place – then we assist with that if required.

Either way the outcome needs to be the same, that you receive a website that is built for the 21st century, is fully responsive, designed to be aesthetically pleasing and you can purchase the site or you can rent it for a pre set fee, splitting the costs of ownership into manageable and much smaller bite size piece.

TAP into your potential

Full therapy or practice business set up – website, business cards, logo, emails – everything a new therapist needs. One solution, simple package – great terms

We've Thought Of Everything

Monthly terms to have your business up and running with EVERYTHING you need, all in 10 days or less – very limited spaces, view now


Branding / Rebranding


Website Redesign

Day Turnaround

Amazing Result

Websites Up To 50% More Cost Effective

Mobile Ready

For the first time in internet history, more searches happen on smartphone that on desktops and laptops. Being accessible on a mobile device is no longer an option, it’s a necessity.

Built With Your Vision

A website is the online representation of you and your business, it needs to resonate with you and target the right client base for your business. Colours, imagery, look and feel all play a part together to create that online experience.

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