Top Social Media Platforms for Marketing Your Therapy Business

Social media is a great tool to use when marketing your therapy business. You can use social media to get your business known and increase your client base and improve your bottom line. However, before you decide which social media platform will best fit the marketing of your therapy business, you need to figure out what your goals are for your business. From there you need to decide on what strategies will best fit the goals you have in place.

Social media provides a wide range of benefits to you and your business. Here is a list of just a few.

* You can sell your services directly to your customers.

* Your business gains more awareness, great for brand awareness (even if it is brand you) and again that has a direct impact on your income.

* You can build relationships with people, including your clients. Having deeper relationships with your clients ensures repeats service provision and it hugely increases the chance of referrals, that’s free marketing at it’s finest.

* You get to know potential business partners – there is a lot to be said for exploring professional relationships with complementary therapists as it can benefit both businesses with little risk to either.

* It helps establish you as an expert in your therapy.

* The activity on social media leads to improvement of your business website. Search engines look in ever more detail at social signals (links and commentary on social media) and this can improve how you are seen and rank in the search engines. That should be a vital part of your practice marketing considerations.

Getting activated on Social Media for your private practice

Once you have a clear idea of where you want your business to go, you can decide which social media platform is the best for the marketing of your specific therapy service. Here is a list of some of the more well-known social media sites that can help with the publicising of your media for therapists

1. Facebook

This social media site is very easy to use and is a quick and sometimes free way for you to gain new clients. Invite your friends to like your business Facebook page and grow your page by posting interesting things that you have to offer. Include free advice to share your expertise.

Your followers will like and share those posts, letting more and more people see the type of business you own. With the “like” and “share” feature on Facebook, this social media platform is a great way to grow your business beyond your friends and family.

2. Twitter

This social media platform is very popular among therapists of all disciplines because of all the connections it offers to possible partnerships. You can also have conversations with your clients and get to know them on a deeper level prior to working with them. It’s a great tool that offers invaluable insights.

One of the disadvantages of Twitter, though, is that you have to constantly keep tweeting because you are really only as good as the last tweet you posted. Be careful that you are not only promoting yourself. Be sure to take time to retweet others and reply to other people’s tweets. The core part of any social network is the very word, “social”.

3. Pinterest

Pinterest was made to direct people to other sites, so if you want more traffic on your website, this may be the way to go. This is also a great website to use if you have great images to share with others. As we all know, we are programmed to some extent to respond to imagery and Pinterest can release your own creativity. You can then send your followers to the services pages  of your website. Another hallmark of Pinterest is that even if you posted a pin months ago, you will still get traffic on your website months later. It has an “evergreen” quality to it that beats all the other platforms.

4. YouTube

You may not think of this platform as being social but if you develop a good amount of subscribers, your business will gain popularity. However, remember that it takes time to produce video, so ensure to leave enough time to do this. In the era of the iphone, gone are the days of video being hugely expensive and difficult to edit. There is so much that can be achieved with creativity. There is also a charm in a video being a little more domestic than super clean professional. It depends on the stage of your business and what you are looking to achieve. Also Youtube is owned by Google, it is a powerhouse of a search engine in it’s own right. Never before have you had the ability to have an audience with a global market on this scale.

5. LinkedIn

This social media site is a great tool for networking – it is THE business social media site. For clients, if you have a business to business therapeutic service, it is the perfect solution. But regardless, having a profile on LinkedIn is highly recommended to boost your credibility and professional standing.

Social media – conclusion

It is important to know the differences between these social media sites and how they can help you and your business. Use the tools provided to make your business easier to run, and become educated on what separate social media sites have to offer. A good tip is to start only with one or two social media platforms, lean towards those that meet the needs of your business. Social Media Marketing is a skill that develops over time. There are also many ways, once you have your branded social media therapy accounts set-up, that you can automate the running of them.