Stage 1 - New Therapist

New Therapist, New Private Practice

Stage 1 – New Therapist Marketing

As a new therapist, newly qualified, you’ve invested time and energy to follow your passion, now on the precipice, you are about to start in business. It’s not enough to have one or two clients, now the business needs to grow and you need to find new clients to build your young business.

Can you make an income, what do you need to really begin your business on the right foot? It can seem like an uphill struggle and not knowing where to start first when you are faced with so much to do that may be outside of your comfort zone. That’s where Fortiba can help.


Marketing – Let’s Get You Started

Putting you and your clients in the same place is where digital marketing starts, you will probably need a website, you’ll certainly need business literature such as business cards and maybe some flyers. What and where should you advertise, do you have a business name or will you work under your own name?

You’ll definitely have some local competition and what makes you different or a better / alternative choice. Branding and marketing – Fortiba can take your hand and help with everything you need. Whether that’s some advice on where to start so you can map out and do everything yourself or whether you share your ideas and let our team help with the Therapy Activation Program, it is completely up to you.

The Fast Start Program

The most important parts of making this early venture into a therapy business is your mindset and how you see your business growing. We can help you from planning all the way through to implementation. If you just want a helping hand from experts who have been there and done it, then we are just a click or call away.

We can help make sense of all the marketing, branding and pricing questions you may have as we’ve helped many therapists before approach the business side of therapy in a simple and effective way. Let us help you clear the path so you can do what you do best and help your clients.

4:49 Video About Business Mindset

Stage 1 - Enquiry