Stage 3 - The Next Level Therapist

Growing but your income has levelled off, you need a little more to invest

Stage 3 – Income in stable but not growing

Things have been going well, you have probably been a therapist for some time but the growth has levelled off. You are doing OK but you don’t have a surplus income to re-invest in growing the business and you do have bigger plans.

It happens to every business at some time, where it feels things are going well but you know in your gut that they could be better with a few more clients or if you maybe could invest in staff or premises for a fully fledge private practice. Whatever your dreams are, you still want to chase them but need more income to make them a reallity.


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The Next Level

Not every therapy business will want to grow or have designs on becoming a private practice but most of us want to increase our incomes to the next level. Fortiba is here to help you break through that glass ceiling, whether it’s mindset or needing to diversify the business we are here to help.

Any business growth needs funding and having surplus income to re-invest in your therapy business is the next step. You need more than just being able to survive, you need extra to expand or increase your clients or services.

Therapy Evolution Program

You’ve done more than you imagined and you should be proud of yourself but if you are not consistently achieving the revenue required then you will struggle to have the money to invest in further growth.

You want to build on your success to date and surpass your goals and you will likely have bigger goals and long term plans for your therapy business.

Time to earn more to re-invest in your business and secure your future!

Our Therapy Evolution Program is here to help you really succeed!

We look at common issues and questions and go beyond those with help in areas such as:

  • The simple marketing tools systems, and strategies you need to easily attract the clients you need to fill your calendar
  • How to find, hire, and train your first hires or partners to support the overflow in your business
  • Tips for bringing on (and funding) your first administrative assistant… you are not too small to begin leveraging your time to efficiently grow your business faster!
  • The most important “management” systems you must install BEFORE you hire anyone into your business
  • And much, much, more…

3:09 Standing Out From The Crowd

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