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Growth In Busy Times

You’re busy, you’re sometimes too busy. The income is good, the business is doing well but you feel a little overwhelmed at times. You have been working hard on and in your business and it’s time to reset the work / life balance while not losing the standard of living you are working hard for.

You’re ready to get serious and committed to developing a long-term business plan for your private practice, achieving consistent business profitability, and growing your personal income without having to feel time starved.

Stage 4 – Established Therapy Business

You’ve got a therapy business, but you’re struggling with putting all the pieces together to hit targets, earn a profit, and make it all work. You’re ready to get serious and committed to developing a long-term business plan, achieving consistent profitability, and growing your personal income.

If this sounds like you, then we have just the thing that can help.

Therapy Marketing Expert (LTP) – Long Term Plan

We are now working with serious therapists who have long term plans and are focusing a minimum of two years into the future. This is not just about marketing but it also includes wider business strategy. Now is the time to put pen to paper and determine what your growth targets are for the next 24 months.

Whether you’re just starting out, or you’ve been around a little while, this is where your commitment to a two-year business plan is required to create and sustain long-term business success.

The expert program consists of automation, advanced marketing both on and off line to carve you out your niche as a true therapy expert. Looking at areas where we can save time without losing control. Where we can maximise revenue, referrals and growth in a natural way that allows you to achieve your longer term goals.


The Long Term plan is about focus and planning for the next 24 months to really take your therapy business to the next level. It is more advanced and covers areas such as:

  • Installing comprehensive Sales & Marketing Systems into your business that allow you to generate leads and clients month-after-month to achieve your business goals

  • Mastering systems for personal and professional management that allow you to stay in control of your therapy business growth and team

  • Getting the proper marketing strategies and systems in place to support your growth to the next level

  • and much much more…

Stage 4 - Enquiry