Stage 5 - Private Practice

Private Practice, Team Growth

Stage 5 – Business & Team Accelerator

You have a successful therapy business but haven’t yet achieved your personal financial goals, and your business still depends too much on you to run it and earn the revenue and reach your business goals each and every day. You’re ready to step into a leadership role and develop a therapy team that allows your business to continue growing while giving you the freedom to do more of the things that you love to do.






Time Management


Marketing Plan

Therapy Business Team Plan

The business has done well and its been down to your hard work and talent but it’s time to now step up and into a leadership role as you grow a business therapy team. Moving from solo to a private practice is a big step but it’s one where you can have more freedom yet enjoy the benefits of a successful therapy business.

There is only so much time in any day and as a solo therapist there are limits to what you can achieve with that time, by expanding into a therapeutic practice with more therapists, this problem ceases to exist but then there are other challenges.

Private Practice Boost

This is where we take the marketing and business systems and then apply them across the business model to benefit new therapists within your organisation. We shift from small business marketing approaches to mid size business marketing. We look at helping you apply marketing strategies. This will undoubtedly require marketing updates from websites, through to sales and marketing collateral and implementing more robust systems for your team.

Starting this next stage of your business growth on the right foot is essential and this can be achieved through a focused plan, set to a launch timeline so you have everything ready as and when it is needed.

Private Practice Booster

We walk this path with you to get your business ready to be about more than just one person, this is about creating your business brand. Some of the ways we can help with this are:

  • Mastering leadership skills and systems required to grow and develop the therapy team that will run your business operations
  • Installing advanced sales & marketing systems that allow you to improve the speed, cost, and efficiency with which you acquire new clients
  • Developing a business brand and how to market that without losing the momentum you had as a solo therapist
  • Learning the systems and strategies that allow you to plan further into the future when it comes to sales, marketing and thought leadership
  • And much, much more…

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