Stage 6 - Therapist Entrepreneur

Beyond your dreams

Stage 6 – Therapist Entrepreneur

You’ve achieved your initial therapy goals either as an individual therapist or with a private practice and now have a bigger dream that you aren’t quite sure how to make happen yet. You want to be inspired and challenged to continue growing by engaging with other elite entrepreneurs and having fun along the way.


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The Therapy Entrepreneur

Business has gone well, you’ve grown your individual business or maybe your private practice at a steady rate and you have achieve the majority of your business goals. You have engaged in more advanced marketing and have a business strategy and have tasted the success you planned for.

For some of us, that is enough but for the rare few there are still more goals to be conquered, the challenge is knowing what next? That is exactly what the Therapy Entrepreneur program is designed for. It takes you to the next level and helps you further diversify. Whether that’s complimentary services or philanthropic adventures or a combination, there is more that you can achieve if you wish.

Therapist Entrepreneur Mastery

This is an interesting time and for therapists who are successful you will have a better work / life balance and the TEM is more about having fun and surrounding yourself with a therapy mastermind group to support your next challenge.

The Therapist Entrepreneur program is designed to do just that by surrounding you with an elite group of therapy entrepreneurs who’ve all walked their talk regardless of the therapy they’ve been involved with.

The Therapist Entrepreneur Mastery program is an exclusive invitation only program. We want those invited to be both inspired and inspirational. You can give back to therapists who are still on their earlier stages of business growth and you can also network with other therapists and therapy business owners to explore new ventures.

Therapy Entrepreneur Master

As this is invitation only, let us know if you’d be interested in learning more. There will be access to invitation only online and offline events and we’d like to have your voice within the therapy community.

There will be numerous benefits to being a TEM and we’ll be sharing details in the future. To learn more, please fill out your information in the webform and we’ll see you on the other side.


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