Email Marketing – Grow Your Therapy Clients List

Why Email Marketing?

Simply put, email marketing is as integral to our lives today as the internet itself, we use it a lot, for both personal and business use and we’re usually connected to it frequently. Sometimes that could be incessantly if you have email on your smartphone or tablet. The immediacy or at the very least, speed of communication made things like fax machines redundant in record time.

Also, while social media marketing has it’s place and comes with many marketing benefits, you simply never hear anyone saying they are going to take a break or stop using their email.

Email marketing – getting seen

When using email, the vast majority of emails will reach their destination, a few will bounce back, some will get routed to junk mail but more than 70% of emails will land in someones inbox and there they sit. Unlike tweets they wont be almost immediately pushed off the page, You want an email gone, then you have to delete it, this makes the chance of it being seen far higher than posts on social sites.

Therapist Emails

With something approaching 122 Billion emails sent every hour, this is a powerful too and using email marketing to engage current and new clients is frankly a no-brainer.

There have been a lot of studies on how effective email marketing is in gaining new business. We would quote typical figures that for every £1 spent the return on investment is in the region of £30 but it varies too much depending on how you use the email. One thing that is definitely true is you can track very specific things with email.

It has dependable metrics and there are certain business standards that can be followed so we look at things like open rate, click rates, number of unsubscribes as examples for seeing how effective your email marketing is. When you track it, you see what is and isn’t working and then focus on improving it.

Costs of Email Marketing

It is not free, you have to have an email provider, there is usually one linked to your website but then you also need a system to allow you to use it with lists and track the types of metrics we talk about above. For smaller businesses that are a range of free email marketing solutions and software that allow you to work with templates to create beautiful emails and newsletters – some popular sites to try out are sites like:

What you choose depends on a number of different factors, speak with Fortiba and get some more guidance on what will work best for your private practice or Therapy marketing solutions if you are not sure or want some expert help.


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