More than 70% of people look using the Internet when searching for a credible therapist. Each month, 3,000,000 people utilize online services for that very purpose, the market and demand for therapists is huge. Community marketing and networking now has become important way to build a referral base for your therapy practice that brings you clients to you. In order to gain more clients, your private practice online presence must be developed. By creating a website or listing your services through online directories, an optimum results can be achieved.


Showcase your therapy business as a brand

Like any product, therapists must market their businesses online. The client generally pays the therapists for their valuable time. It is better to invest for positive marketing exposure. Your messaging needs to be both engaging and empathetic and should be given in a consistent and clear manner, in order to reach the heart of the customer. Consider a structure that you can implement and commit to.

Special Therapy Offers

For effective action, an excellent marketing strategy must be utilized. Clients can be offered an initial consultation service for the first time free as a great way of engaging with the potential market and it also helps you determine if the client / therapist relationship is one that suits your specialisms. Through the first session with a client, a bond of trust can be built up. If the clients finds the service suitable for their needs then they may come to your time and again. The level of assistance needed and a therapy plan can be begin to be assessed at the same time. In this way, it becomes possible to decide a perfect method for the ongoing treatment.

Excellent customer service (as standard)

Through the website, customer service can be provided 24 X 7 for the client, your website isn’t just a brochure, it’s a living breathing representation of your business. Critical issues related to the treatments and therapeutic methods you employ can be answered in a minimum amount of time. Adding a frequently asked questions (FAQ) section can put the potential clients mind at rest and lead to better conversion rates for online enquires. The location of your practice should be mentioned, as therapists local to clients are always a vital factor. A responsive therapist is preferred by clients so ensure you are forwarded any emails that come in via your website so you can reply quickly. Add links to social media and encourage sharing, this is the modern method of gaining client referrals, it’s quick, easy and very effective.

The Value of your Therapy clients

The significance of any client can be calculated based on lifetime value of them to you as their therapist. On an average each client spends between 10 to 16 sessions with a therapist. That helps you understand how much to invest in gaining new clients through your marketing activities as you can calculate the average clients lifetime value. As an example fees for each session can be fixed. Lets take a simple set of metrics to show you how that could work.

Imagine your hourly rate is £70.00 – with 10 sessions that is £700.00 lifetime value – with 16, it jumps to £1120.00. You’ll know over time if your own averages are in that range, they may be higher, it depends on the therapeutic sessions offered. There are many ways to extend this time frame ethically by offering additional services that compliment the main offerings. Increasingly clients enjoy email support and remote therapy sessions, all value added services that can be integrated with the main services of your practice.

A good therapy marketing online strategy must be developed according to the amount of money earned from each client. You private practice can be built up by investing money in your online marketing techniques. The return of the investment can be guaranteed with the inclusion of new clients and your business grows.

The intelligent therapists online marketing strategy

To reap the results of your therapy focused marketing online strategy; start as soon as you can as it takes time to build. Testing different approaches and marketing technique should be done in order to know each ones effectiveness. Facebook might be amazing for one Hypnotherapist in East London, but email marketing might produce amazing results for another Hypnotherapist in South London. The trick it trying different approaches and seeing what works for you. Don’t try one thing and nothing else. Search engines are important so being seen on these should be something every therapist does, with the power of business services like Google Local, it is much easier now than ever before to show up in the search results and that will drive new clients to you.

To achieve success, think about your marketing plans as therapy networking and community marketing, you just need to get out there, do something and move out of your comfort zone, you will definitely achieve results.